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Dear Visitor, if this is your first visit on our website, and you want to know more about our services, please check our  DEMO pages! The proof of the pudding is in the eating,
so testing for a few minutes might be more valuable than studying a manual of many pages.


We are constantly developing our services and website, so please, visit us often! Please, send your feedback and suggestions to .


For detailed  information in English please call us (+36 30 668-7549) or send e-mail:  .                                                                     



What’s the point of net diagnostics?


If you are the owner or managing director of a company…

  • You can check the quality of your web based or other internet based services, the availability of your website, and you can get feedback on what needs more developing,
  • You can get immediate feedback, if your online services are out
    of order, so that your company shall not loose potential clients/ credibility,
  • You will not loose important messages even if the mailing server
    of your company shuts down or breaks down, because our net diagnostic service works non-stop, from 0:00 am till 24:00 pm every day of the week.

If you are a supervisor

  • You can get feedback on how long your servers were out of order in a specific period of time, what the quality of your services was, how short the amount of time for response was, and how your servers coped with heavy-duty,
  • After signing a contract you can get immediate feedback via e-mail or text message when your servers shut down, your networks are out of order or on illegal changes of your websites.


If you are from the media

  • You can find interesting survey data on the quality of the online services of government administration as well as on the portals of specific sectors and fields of the competitive sector.


If you are a security expert

  • You can receive immediate alarm when a web cam or an internet based observation system is out of order.


Even if you are none of the above, it might be useful to study our demonstrational pages since…

  • You can see the availability and the number of breakdowns of banks, insurance companies, online shops,
  • You can check (even months retroactively), whether the online services of a specific officiality were available,
  • You can decide which free email service you want for yourself based on the speed with which you can access your e-mails,
  • You can access specific data that might be useful for purposes even we can’t think about...









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